Day 29: valley of carrots

Distance 33,90 km Time: 4:32 Total distance: 1379km

Sadly the wifi is too slow and I have to leave the restaurant where the wifi is,  so I will add all pictures to a later moment In Kathmandu the internet was great, I uploaded and added the pictures☺️

The reason why it is only 33km is the climbing,  I started at 345 m in Hetauda and am now on the top of a hill at 1875m, so I climbed 1530 m,  which is an average steepness of 4,5%,  which wasn’t there at the beginning,  there it was nice to climb. 10 km after Hetauda then came the junction, where I had to choose between,  continuing on main road or take an alternative route with less traffic. I choose the one with less traffic,  so no more trucks,  no more busses (except 2 school buses). Just Jeeps transporting people. Later on ai understood why,  too steep. But in the beginning everything was okay.

This morning when I went for breakfast:

At 11 I met a british women with her land rover and telling me,  the road will get worse. Why do people always do that?😂

Shortly after I met her,  I came into a town with a toll booth or police check point and every car had to stop. I didn’t have to but I wanted to have lunch,  as I didn’t know, when the next place would come and I saw that the road would get steeper. So I asked a guy there,  where to get some food. He turned out to be a little crazy😂 the one with sunglasses:

We ate some chicken chowmein together and then went off. I ate a second plate, bought some more water,  as I had no clue where the next place for anything would be. The road started to get really steep afterwards. At the exit of the town,  I changed to granny-gear (the smallest gear there is) and started pedaling. Just 7 km and 800 meters of altitude ahead of me, but they were really taking everything off me. I even pushed my bike a little bit…

I am constantly complaining about how hard it is,  but the reason why I do this is simply the landscape,  it makes everything worth it😀 Sadly I couldn’t do a picture of every nice spot as I then would spend too much time taking pictures. On the other hand,  I can’t always stop in the hill as I have to somehow block my bike,  while I take out the camera and take the picture and sometimes the bike with the panniers are their own creature and move into directions you wouldn’t have guessed…  So here you can see a result of everything I got today.


After the last town where I ate for lunch,  people started selling carrots. I was a little bit irritated why suddenly,  but okay.

Still one of my favourite stuff being transported here are goats. The are just placed on top of a bus or a van. A rope to kind of fix them (?) and then they roll. It gets funny when the vehicle goes around a corner,  then they sometimes fall to the side and get up again😂 I always saw them passing by so I newer could take a picture. This time it was placed right in front of me😀

Arrived at the top I went into the first place I saw with “Hotel”  written on it to get a price. “No room here”. It was 4 o’clock,  it couldn’t be. Actually they don’t have rooms,  they are just a restaurant with “hotel”  in their name… But there was one place of the 6 houses up here which actually has rooms as is so a hotel😂 So currently I am here: 27°34′11.22″N 85°08′48.84″E

Tomorrow I will start with a nice ride down into the next valley,  from which I then will start climbing again to get over the last hill before I can see Kathmandu and hopefully arrive there. Alternatively I could stay another day on the road I don’t know yet.

Day 28: into a non touristic city

Distance: 79,58 km Time: 4:05 Total distance:1345 km

I tried to leave early today,  but as every morning,  they only started preparing my breakfast when I came,  although I always ordered it the evening. So it took again longer,  bit I was not in a hurry,  I only had something like 75km in front of me.

First I needed to get back on main road, where there was a traffic jam due to construction.

After exiting the city the road got good again. In the beginning it went a little bit down and I spend some time in the wind shadow of a tractor, which was running with 30 km/h. Then the road got worse and I had to move further away to see the holes to be able to avoid them,  then I got slower because the wind shadow wasn’t that good anymore.

At 10 o’clock school begins,  so all the time before I could see children walking there

Around 12 o’clock I’ve met Detlef Engel. He is cycling for 20 months from germany out to the world. We were talking for more than an hour I think, I didn’t really looked at the watch. As we were travelling in opposite direction, we told each other the places we stayed in. He gave me a number of a guy living in Hetauda (my destination of today) , where he was sleeping. After the  third attempt we finally got to cycle again,  the other times,  one of us wanted to continue talking again😂

I felt a little bit sick, it could be a donut I had during a break in the morning or one of the bananas I ate. After having good Dalbat for lunch,  my stomach was again good☺️

5 km before arriving in Hetauda, I passed this local guy called “Tiger”. We cycled for a time next to each other and talked until we arrived in Hetauda. Then we separated. Before we separated we took some pictures and shared our Facebook accounts😀

Then the search for a sleeping place began. First I’ve called the number Detlef gave me. As far as I understood the guy,  he saw me like one hour ago on the road and he would be on the way to Chitwan,  so no sleeping place for me tonight at his place. So I started to look up places marked in my GPS as hotel. This is the way I do it when I don’t see/find a hotel,  lodge or guest house immediately. I went to the closest one. It kind of was doing a general cleaning and nobody was answering. The next place didn’t exist or at least people there didn’t know about it. The third hotel,  yeah was a ruin. So I started to get back to main road and look there again and ask around. On the way there I found a place where it was marked hotel outside,  but it was just a restaurant. Finally on main road I found one,  but it was full. The one on the other side finally had a room for me😀 I never had that much problems finding a hotel,  it took me like 4 km extra😂

As my GPS showed me temples in the city and a castle, I asked the guy in the reception, where to go. The temples he didn’t know and the castle is a military base. He wrote me down 3 other temples where I could go to with a tuk tuk. At one of them was even a fair.

After a quick shower,  I wanted to take a tuk tuk to get there but he priced me too high, so i wanted to take the next one,  while I was walking towards the fair. But no more free tuk tuk passed. So I walked until there. The entrance costed 30 NRP but the hard part was to find the place to pay, as it was just this little opening in the wall were there were actually people sitting behind

a guy at the entrance who was watching the helmets of the motordrivers visiting the fair wanted to get a picture

At the entrance,  there was a stage where all the people were standing, there was a part with attractions like rollercoasters and this thing where they drive with vehicles on the wall like in this video. At the back there were also selling cloth and toys. All over the place there were some food stands. All of them served the same food but the prices varied. I took a cheaper one. They even served the Mo:Mo’s on organic plates made out of leaves

I watched a little bit this pop star on the stage,  where everybody was freaking out. I don’t even think that she was singing everything,  there was some playback too😂. The girls in the crowed found it all the time funny to ask me to join them dancing,  but I didn’t really know how and they started laughing immediately. I’m not done for dancing hindi😂

Then I went back to the hotel by tuk tuk😀

I could even find work here:

Day 27: village safari

no cycling

As many of you already know I woke up this morning at 5 because my bed was shaking (this word is even too strong,  it was kind of somebody would push you softly to wake you up) due to an earthquake somewhere in Nepal. After I checked it online I went back to sleep. As I didn’t do any organised activities today,  I was free to sleep a little bit longer,  having a relaxing and long breakfast and go through the village and do some walking. Yesterday I always passed through the village by van,  so I couldn’t enjoy it. I even went into the non tourist parts.

the jungle is part of the UNESCO world heritage:

it is totally usual to see elephants on the road:

some more pictures of the village:

After 5 hours of walking,  including lunch and some time at the river bank,  I came back to the hotel and spend the rest of the day in a hammock,  reading news in the internet and a little bit in my book (yeahh I have a book on me to read! The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy).

Tomorrow I will start to cycle again in direction of Kathmandu. Tomorrow’s destination will be Hetauda.

Something I realised today is the 21 day rule. Tomaz told me that after around 21 days,  I would loose the feeling to go home,  which I got sometimes. And yeah he was right. Back in the days I was sometimes, in the end less,  thinking, why am I here and not back at home. Mostly in the morning when I woke up, one or two times on the bike. But today  on my 27. day on the road, I realized that I can’t remember when I had this thought for the last time😀 I will probably get this feeling again on the road,  but not so intensive.

Day 26: Chitwan National Park

no cycling

Yesterday evening I met a man in my hotel and we started chatting,  when suddenly they started making traditional music and danced to it,  in the yard of the next hotel,  so we got ourself in and watched it😀

At this hotel,  they start really early with the tourist program (I think it is normal for safaris). I needed to be ready at 7 to go for meeting up and going for canoeing followed by jungle walk to elephant breeding center,  where a jeep picked us up to get to the elephant bathing place. On the way to there we stopped as a black rhino was close to the road and we could watch it behind a fence.

In the morning it was really foggy for the canoeing. All the time,  we had a funny guide all the time with us☺️

The awesome guide

we even saw a crocodile 😀

We left the boats and went into the jungle on foot:

to arrive at the elephant breeding center

we stopped for a black rhino  and we were not the only one looking

to finally arrive at the elephant bathing place,  where you could get a shower on an elephant (I didn’t took one)

In the afternoon I participated at an elephant jungle safari. As one elephant can carry 4 persons plus a rider I nearly got a whole elephant with his rider for me alone as we were 9 people from my lodge and no other person around. In the last moment another jeep appeared with some chinese people, so I got an elephant with 3 of them… That lead to 1,5 h of chines talking and shouting in my back. No they couldn’t speak english… But I wasn’t there to talk to people but to do the elephant riding. It is not as comfortable as I expected but still okay. It was amazing as other animals are not running away immediately, perhaps because they are used to it and they know that no tourist will pet them as they are all locked on top of an elephant😂 So what I saw:

  • Many reindeers
  • Many little birds
  • Some peacocks
  • again a crocodile
  • 5 more rhinos
  • lots of elephants with tourists on their back

Tomorrow I will stay here do some walking or cycling without panniers,  I don’t know yet.

Something I forgot yesterday: My handlebar bag seems to break because of the rocky road. I hope it will not become a problem… I am thinking of building some security fixation incase it really brakes, because my camera,  glasses and smartphone are in there…

Day 25: right or wrong decisions? 

Distance: 78,75 km Time: 6:09 Total distance: 1264 km

A goat makes noise in the evening (probably because they bring it to the temple). A rooster starts making noise in the morning. A baby cries the whole night through. I had the luck to have a combination of all of them😂 Earplugs didn’t stick in my ears.

After just having a light breakfast of omelet and coffee,  they didn’t have more (at least was that the result of a longer discussion) , I started my cycling. I decided to cycle down, as I thought when cars and motorbikes can go down,  then I can go down too. I checked one last time on all routing systems I had (Garmin-Gps on my bike and on my phone and Google Maps). I thought the way on my GPS was okay,  so I choose to follow it. after some cycling,  the GPS told me to turn around (my thoughts: fuck). Turning around means going up again on a steep… you can’t call it a road,  it was just sand and rocks. So I asked people there. I found a larger group of people and hoped to find someone who could speak english. Jackpot I found one. But he was not a local. So he asked other people, and they showed then to go down one road,  so I did. On the way I stopped a man and a wife on a motorcycle going the opposite direction of me,  so up. They told me the same to go down that road. So I continued. There were no more vehicles. The road started to look like it hasn’t been used in ages and on my GPS,  the road ended in a dead-end. So I decided to take another road to get back up. Back up means not cycling but pushing on foot. And it is not simple. 

  1. I have panniers,  so I am not standing next to my bike but further way
  2. It is heavy because of the luggage
  3. The terrain was rude and steep
  4. I knew that I was on the wrong road before and I didn’t know if I am on the correct road now to get somewhere.

When I started pushing my bike up,  I decided to take tha cable car down when I arrived on top.

After 2 hours of pushing my bike a reached an intersection of two roads,  where I saw a man and a wife on a motorcycle. Guess what,  they were the same as before. I asked them again for the road down, this time they told me that this would be the road down. There english was really good,  so I asked them where they would be going and they were actually going where I wanted to go,  to main road. So I belive them (again). I climbed back on my bike and let it roll down and down and down. There were more vehicles on this road,  so I was more certain to be on the right one.

Finally I saw the bridge and the bottom station of the cable car, so I reached my destination. Bicycling on a suspension bridge is kind of cool feeling,  I don’t know,  it is different from when crossing on foot. I wanted to take a picture but there was a motorbike behind me and I didn’t want him to stop because of me.

During the whole way down, until I saw the bridge,  I was constantly thinking whether it was the right or wrong decision to go down😂

After the bridge the pushing wasn’t over, I still needed to get up to main road. And again too steep and rocky to cycle.

Arrived at main road I quickly had lunch because it was already 12 and I just had this light breakfast. It took me over 3 hours to get down and it was only  18 km…

Back on the road I wanted to get to Chitwan National Park,  so I went back to the village with the bridge from yesterday and took the other road at the fork. The road where the vehicles were all standing,  but today it was fluent.

The road has lots of construction sites and there are actually many people working there not like in some european countries😂

The surface of the road changed a lot,  from perfect asphalt, over asphalt with holes to no asphalt and just sand and rocks. It changed like every 500 meters to 2 km😂 Because of the trucks it was sometimes very dusty. When it got too dusty I just put my Buff over my mouth and nose,  to have some kind of protection😂

Suddenly there was a big line of vehicles waiting,  even the engines were turned off. I did as I always  do when there is a line,  i skip it. It was a really long lane,  probably 1 km long. Arrived at the beginning of the line, I saw the reason for the line. Rocks on the road as they demolished a wall which was dangerous so they explained me.

As Motorbikes and me as only cyclist could move around the rocks on the road when they stopped breaking them off,  we were allowed to go through.  Cars,  busses and trucks needed to wait for the bulldozer to clean the road. So after I passed the line of waiting vehicles on the other side (same length),  I had an empty road,  just some going in the opposite direction.

Soon I got into a city and traffic got normal again,  but the street was also perfect😀 Just like 15 km left till my lodge where I sleep tonight in the village  called Sauraha in the Chitwan National Park.

Because of all that dust either from the morning and the afternoon,  everything is dirty,  including my face (and no one told me).

Now it is washed up and clean again. As for my cloth. My panniers and bike are still dirty perhaps I will clean them tomorrow

Also tomorrow I will stay here and do some safari on the back of an elephant and in a boat.

Day 24: Lazy climb

Distance: 39,19km Time: 1:58 Total distance: 1186 km not so much cycling today…

As our guest house didn’t serve breakfast we needed to go into the bazar and get some there. But first I had to wait on Tomaz to come back from the sunrise viewpoint. Shortly after 7 (yeah I get up that early every morning) ,  he arrived and we went out.

We had a great last breakfast together,  it just took very long for the man to make it.

Back at the guest house,  I packed my stuff and it was time to say goodbye, as Tomaz is staying in the village and I wanted to continue cycling and as we don’t have a common way anymore we will probably not meet again on this trip.

I started cycling,  at least I was sitting on my bike,  because I drove down the steep road I was cycling up yesterday,  but this I was rolling it down😀 it took me 20 minutes to do 8 km included in that time are some pictures from the moment when I was above the clouds😀 Arrived at the bottom, I was underneath the clouds,  so no sun anymore.

I wanted to go into the cave which was close to main road,  but I didn’t find a decent place where I could drink a milk tea and leave my bike while I would have gone to the cave,  so I decided to skip the cave and continue my journey.

So the cave was just a point on todays route.  My destination was the cable car at Manakamana.

On the way there it was very cloudy until 10:30 when I mad a break for a milk tea. the sun came out and I wanted to make a picture of my bike. Before I took out my camera I saw the building in the background,  some kind of water power plant,  guarded by army and a sign “NO PHOTOGRAPHY”. So I decided it would be better to not take the camera out,  there will be another beautiful spot of my bike in the sun😂

On the way to the cable car, I passed the fork where the road splits. One road goes to Kathmandu and the cable car,  the other one goes to Chitwan National Park. So tomorrow I need to cycle back to go down to Chitwan. Just before the fork,  I needed to cross a bridge, I wanted to take a picture of the bridge,  and then I saw, a little higher than the bridge,  the road to Chitwan,  look for yourself. It will be fun to ride down that road😂

After the village with the fork,  the traffic got little but more,  but it was still fluent,  so I don’t know why they were standing all there. Only 6 km left to the cable car. At that moment it was still not clear whether I could take my bicycle up with the cable car or if I need to leaf it down and go up with some luggage. I came there and I saw this long queue to get into the cable car but in front of the ticket office was nobody,  so I decided to ask for the price. Actually they take the bike up for free😀 I decided to go up for 9$ (they always give the price in dollars). One fun fact: a goat costs 40 NPR to get her up via cable car😂 A bike is a real advantage when going up, because you don’t have to wait in the queue, but you can simply enter through the exit😀 The only problem: Stairs (the image was taken more than half way up)

Arrived at the cable car,  you just need to wait for one carrier cabin to come by,  you place your bicycle in and hop on into the next person cabin. Arrived at the top,  somebody will take out your bike as you are not there yet. So really nice☺️ The title of today’s  blog comes from the cable car,  as it is lazy to take it to get up. 

In the cabin infront of me was my bike:

Arrived on top I git my bicycle and went out,  more stairs followed by more stairs😂

I took the first hotel/lodge I found as it was quite cheap (500 NRP = 4,30€). It is nice with hit shower and WiFi.

As it was midday I also ate lunch there. I was asked to tell a little bit more about the food here,  so today I hat chicken Chowmein.  These are fried noodles with chicken and vegetables. It is also possible with buff meat or just with vegetables. If you don’t say anything they will probably make it spicy😂 I eat one variant of it nearly every day,  for lunch or dinner.

The reason why I came up here, was a suggestion from Tomaz. First of all here is a temple, secondary, there is a road down. I thought it would be a beautiful village. The reality: the village isn’t that beautiful,  the temple is under construction (probably because of the last earthquake,  i need to check that) and there is a very ling queue of indian and nepaleas people. So not very beautiful… this probably explains,  why there are no western tourists here expect me😂

All over the village you can make a picture in front of a “blue”  wall and they will photoshop you in front of the temple😂 Probably because of the construction.

As the village wasn’t as amazing as expected, I decided to go for a little walk,  to checkout the route to go down back into the valley. The road is made out of sand and rocks. I am still not sure if I want to ride down that road tomorrow. I will leaf this decision open.

I tried to find a quite place to chill a little bit in nature and I found it,  far enough to not hear the cable car anymore😀 Before I went there I bought some cookies and a chocolate bar. The chocolate bar was really dry, a little bit like if you would eat the powder to make chocolate milk, although it is written “Dairy Milk” on the packaging. The cookies were okay,  they also included chocolate. (Another report of food here)

On the way back I passed again in front of the temple,  this time there were fewer people but some street dogs and they started fighting each other. People around were just looking until one could see blood then,  some of them took of there shows and threw them at the two fighting dogs until they stopped.

Now I am sitting on the balcony of the hotel. Soon I will have dinner and then chill in my room. Some reading and/or some surfing in the internet as far as the internet works.

Today I’ve tried a different approach to write the blog,  I’ve tried to write some parts over the day when I was having a break. I would be happy to get some feedback on it.

Day 23: Back on the road again

Distance: 77,63 km Time: 4:57 Total distance: 1146 km

Finally cycling again😀 My legs still hurt,  but as cycling is always the same movement for the legs,  it was okay, otherwise I just changed a gear down ☺️

Before I can continue explaining the day,  I need to tell the story of my new fleece jacket,  which I got on the trek to ABC. On first day on the way up there, I was constantly thinking that I cloth for the upper body weren’t warm enough to get all the way up. And than I found a fleece jacket on the  floor and nobody around,  so I hade a new jacket. Which was really great for the trek.

Until midday it was either foggy or cloudy.

Today the road out of Pokhara started with lots of downhill but sometimes there were holes or bumpers,  so that my whole bike was jumping. As my lock was fixed under a bungee cord, it flew out eventually and I didn’t realize it. So now it is gone🙁 So I “traded”  my lock against a jacket😂

After I realized that the lock was gone,  I searched for a bike shop to get a new one. In the city/village I was currently cycling, I found one quickly and got a lock for 250 NPR (2,15€). It’s totally unbreakable.

Today Tomaz and I didn’t knew which destination to take for today. Either Badipur,  a beautiful village on top of a mountain,  8 km away from main road. Bimalnagar,  where there is a cave not far away. Or Manakaman,  where there is a cable car 🚡  to a temple on top of the mountain. Tomaz came up with the plan: today Badipur,  then tomorrow cycle down to Bimalnagar (it’s nearly around the corner) and visit the cave,  to finish the day with going up to Manakaman and spend the night there. I found the plan was good. So we did. We continued on main road until the fork to Badipur and started to climb 600 meters of altitude over 8 km of distance. It was so steep, that there were some passages that I could not have gotten back on the saddle if I would have stopped. Normally I then didn’t stop, but this one moment there were two busses crossing each other in front of me and as the road is not width enough for them,  they stopped and so I needed to stop too. I tried to get back on the saddle,  but it was too steep. I needed to push my bike on foot till a more flat part of the road. It was really a gret experience to cycle up this hill,  often I was just moving with 4 or 5 km/h. In the upper part of the road I was rewarded with looks on mountains with snow on them. Beautiful. 

The village itself is also very beautiful and therefore lots of tourists. Tomaz and I walked a little bit around to get to different viewpoint to get views down from the mountain. Amazing. 

There was one special viewpoint, specially for the sunset. We did not expect it to be so high, so it took us long time to get there,  we were still able to see half of the sun when we arrived there. After the sun was gone, I saw the mountains like I have never saw them before,  endless chains of mountains,  in evening fog.

Now we are having dinner in a recommended restaurant and by chance Kim and Nathalie (2 Belgium’s,  I met in Pokhara)  were passing by. I am really amazed how often I see people again without planning it😂

Tomorrow Tomaz wants to stay here for relaxing, but I want to continue as I want to get to Chitwan National Park and then need to get to Kathmandu and prepare a little bit the rest of my journey.

EDIT: I’ve added pictures of the trek to the post of the last day on the trek,  here

Day 22: another day of chilling

no cycling, tomorrow for sure

Todays tasks were:

  1. get the bikes and panniers from the expensive hotel I stayed before the trekking.
  2. get a plane ticket to fly out from Kathmandu to Siem Reap in Cambodia. I decided not to cycle through Myanmar,  as I was told it is not the easiest to get through because of some restricted regions. So I will fly out on 9th of December😀
  3. clean the chain of my bicycle.
  4. get information about Chitwan National Park,  where I want to go next,  before I ride to Kathmandu. I want to watch the elephants there and do a little safari.
  5. getting my stuff ready for tomorrow, as I repacked everything for the trekking to Annapurna Base Camp.
  6. upload my pictures from the trekking to my cloud. Afterwards I will upload some to the blog😀

Everything is done expect for point 6, it is still in progress. Just with the ticket as I was not able to pay with my Visa-card,  due to some new security mechanism… Thanks to my father I was able to buy it😀

For the rest of the day I did not much but chilling in the hostel or walking a little bit around.

I like this guesthouse really a lot,  when you ever will come to Pokhara,  I can only recommend “Guesthouse Buddha” 😀

Wow that is a short post today,  but there was not so much happening today.

Day 21: Back to Pokhara 

no cycling,  probably tomorrow again

I have never explained how much my legs are hurting. Every time I start walking again after a break or some sitting around,  it looks really funny because I can’t move my legs correctly as the muscles hurt so much. After some steps, everything looks normal again, until it goes down,  then everything hurts again more. Also normal walking hurts a little bit😂

To heal the pain,  Anil (nepaleas friend from the hot spring) gave me some oil yesterday evening, with which I massaged my muscles in the evening.

In the morning, Tomaz an Anil wanted to go to the hot spring again, so I joined them, as it should be good for my muscles. After 1,5 hours of hot spring and 2 times cooling off in the cold river, we went back up to the lodge to have breakfast. As we were waiting very long on our breakfast,  Anil tried to help me with some acupuncture he learned. He also showed it to Tomaz and other people around us got interested. Before we could leave the lodge, Anil needed to do some acupuncture on the old owners of the lodge. We started walking at 12 o’clock😂 But we had only some 5 km planned, to get to a place where vehicles could get us to Pokhara. The road was further away then expected, so it took us longer to get there. We arrived there at 15:30 and on the way we met a British guy,  who needed to get to Pokhara today, as he was run out of money. Perfect,  so we shared a taxi all together. These taxis here are really not that big and we are not that little persons😂 (picture will follow) The first part of the road was without asphalt and the driver had to move a lot to avoid the bigger holes. At one hole I could feel a stone through the floor of the car. After 2,5 hours in this little box, we arrived in Pokhara. We split up,  everybody went to his hotel. Expect Tomaz and I went for dinner, as we were told where to get the best Dalbat in Pokhara. We found a place,  but we are not sure if it really was that place.

Our bikes and other luggage is still at the hotel I slept before trekking, but as it is so expensive I decided to go to a cheaper guesthouse next door and get our stuff tomorrow. We will probably start cycling tomorrow again,  but just half if the day probably. I need to see how my legs are, whether the muscles needed for cycling hurt or don’t hurt.

As my cable to connect the camera to my phone is still in the hotel,  I can’t upload the pictures today,  so maybe tomorrow☺️

Edit: I simply add all the images from the trek here:

Arrived at the top:

with the french friends:

some fun on the road:

Me,  Tomaz and Anil (nepalease friend)

always now where your towel is:

hot spring:

hot spring can be deadly:

Anil can do some pretty good therapy:

our taxi back to Pokhara (4 passengers + 1 driver) :

Day 20:  Relaxing day

no cycling

After the unplanned long and heavy walk of yesterday, my legs felt really heavy…

After the breakfast we needed to go to the trekkers checkpoint to check out of the region we were in. They were little bit confused as we were coming from the wrong direction, as we already passed it in the evening when it was already closed. They wanted to place us in the book of people going into the area.

We started our walk to the next village where there is a hot spring, in which we already wanted to go into on the way up few days ago. But then we wanted to get up to ABC. Today we took the time to go there. As it was only the next village (2.2 km), we arrived there at 10 in the morning. After a cup of milk tea (I drink too much milk tea here) we left our luggage at the lodge where we already slept on the way up and went down to the hot spring. It was a 30 minutes walk down to the river. Arrived there we had the great pleasure that every bath of the 3 were empty as it was still early in the day (11 o’clock). There was just one couple. We choose another bath then. It was wonderful warm😀.

Soon some dutch people joined us. After half an hour they left and Anil,  a nepaleas guy,  joined us. The more we stayed in the more people were joining us. it was really nice to talk to all of them. But we needed to get out as we were in there too long. The walk up to the lodge was really hard, because of the hot spring,  tired muscles and hunger. Arrived at the lodge we ate and decided to chill here and later on even decided to stay here for the night. Anil joined us too and we are still talking all together until now about Nepal,  the world and other stuff.

So we only did 2.2 km today,  really far😂 But a relaxing day before we go back to Pokhara tomorrow.

Today I even have WiFi,  so I can upload the old posts😀 but still no pictures,  they will follow tomorrow probably.