Day 22: another day of chilling

no cycling, tomorrow for sure

Todays tasks were:

  1. get the bikes and panniers from the expensive hotel I stayed before the trekking.
  2. get a plane ticket to fly out from Kathmandu to Siem Reap in Cambodia. I decided not to cycle through Myanmar,  as I was told it is not the easiest to get through because of some restricted regions. So I will fly out on 9th of December😀
  3. clean the chain of my bicycle.
  4. get information about Chitwan National Park,  where I want to go next,  before I ride to Kathmandu. I want to watch the elephants there and do a little safari.
  5. getting my stuff ready for tomorrow, as I repacked everything for the trekking to Annapurna Base Camp.
  6. upload my pictures from the trekking to my cloud. Afterwards I will upload some to the blog😀

Everything is done expect for point 6, it is still in progress. Just with the ticket as I was not able to pay with my Visa-card,  due to some new security mechanism… Thanks to my father I was able to buy it😀

For the rest of the day I did not much but chilling in the hostel or walking a little bit around.

I like this guesthouse really a lot,  when you ever will come to Pokhara,  I can only recommend “Guesthouse Buddha” 😀

Wow that is a short post today,  but there was not so much happening today.

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