Day 92: I’m coming home

no cycling

Today is the day. I am coming home,but it’s a long journey of in total 18:46 hours.

But the day didn’t start with going to the airport as the flight was planed to leave at 21:55. So we started the day with a massage at the only place in Vietnam where massage therapists are trained😀 with sauna,  jacuzzi and a very good massage.

In the afternoon I then started packing my stuff and relaxed a little bit more.

At 6 we then took the taxi. My boxed bicycle, luggage, Charel,  Gemma and me😀

Again lots of spare time in case of trouble with Hanoi traffic or checking in my bicycle. Traffic wasn’t as bad as expected. Sadly in the taxi then came the bad news: my flight has 70 minutes delay…

Me in the waiting line for check-in

Of course Turkish Airlines doesn’t take my bicycle for free…  they wanted 91€ from me… But as we are in Vietnam,  I had to pay in Vietnamese Dong. The calculation from € to Dong was professional: guy checked the current rates on his phone via google search and clicked on the first link he found… I checked it myself too,  just to be sure.

Now I am waiting in the airport until my delayed flight starts at 23:50, because the delay got bigger.

The delay is no problem for me,  this plane only brings me to Istanbul,  where I would have had 3 hours waiting time for the next flight,  so as long as the delay doesn’t go over 3 hours,  everything is okay. But soon I can start looking for getting money back for delay from turkish airlines 😀

2 thoughts on “Day 92: I’m coming home”

    1. Trekking and Biking in Nepal was amazing, but Vietnam is with it’s landscape and people another great country😀 So I can’t really tell which is my favourite county😂

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