Day 20:  Relaxing day

no cycling

After the unplanned long and heavy walk of yesterday, my legs felt really heavy…

After the breakfast we needed to go to the trekkers checkpoint to check out of the region we were in. They were little bit confused as we were coming from the wrong direction, as we already passed it in the evening when it was already closed. They wanted to place us in the book of people going into the area.

We started our walk to the next village where there is a hot spring, in which we already wanted to go into on the way up few days ago. But then we wanted to get up to ABC. Today we took the time to go there. As it was only the next village (2.2 km), we arrived there at 10 in the morning. After a cup of milk tea (I drink too much milk tea here) we left our luggage at the lodge where we already slept on the way up and went down to the hot spring. It was a 30 minutes walk down to the river. Arrived there we had the great pleasure that every bath of the 3 were empty as it was still early in the day (11 o’clock). There was just one couple. We choose another bath then. It was wonderful warm😀.

Soon some dutch people joined us. After half an hour they left and Anil,  a nepaleas guy,  joined us. The more we stayed in the more people were joining us. it was really nice to talk to all of them. But we needed to get out as we were in there too long. The walk up to the lodge was really hard, because of the hot spring,  tired muscles and hunger. Arrived at the lodge we ate and decided to chill here and later on even decided to stay here for the night. Anil joined us too and we are still talking all together until now about Nepal,  the world and other stuff.

So we only did 2.2 km today,  really far😂 But a relaxing day before we go back to Pokhara tomorrow.

Today I even have WiFi,  so I can upload the old posts😀 but still no pictures,  they will follow tomorrow probably.

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