Day 19: the half is quite enough

no cycling, but as hard as 100km

This night I was able to sleep but because of the altitude I had a little bit headache. During the night I dreamed that I wouldn’t have a headache.

Somewhere around 6, the french couple, Tomaz and I got up to see the sunrise. It was nice and the reward for going up at that altitude. I was impressed by the glacier, or more what is left of it. There is just a big hole left and one can see the glacier somewhere up the mountains. We were even able to hear some avalanches and saw one going down, but far away and little, so we were safe.

After a breakfast and the shock, that they added charges for the heater underneath the table during dinner (it is normal that you have a heater there), we packed our stuff and went back. As the Annapurna Base Camp Trek is a one way up a valley, the only way to exit it, is the one you came up.

Already in the evening before I had the idea to juggle 3 objects at 4130 meters of altitude. I did it before we left and Tomaz filmed it.  As soon as the video is uploaded, I will upload it here😀 I was finaly able to insert it:

Use this link to see the video.

As we didn’t know how fit we were we hadn’t decided on a destination. After some  minutes going down the headache went away 😀 Going down is really boring for me. I was always afraid that my knee would hurt a lot as it did a lot while walking in the past, but not on the whole trip from Delhi to here. But it didn’t hurt at all,  only my muscles in the legs hurt but not that I had to stop.

On the way down,  Tomaz always asked fir the price of a Snickers, to see how it evolves. He kept talking about that one place at the bottom were it only costs 110Rp (0,95 €).  Up at ABC it costs 220Rp (1,91 €).

At 15:30 we reached a lodge, where we said,  we would be happy to stay because if the distance, but we thought it was still to early to stop,  so we continued to the next village. Arrived there we checked what the lodge offered. They only offered a bucket as shower. As we knew that another lodge was 500 meters away,  we decided to check that one out. The same. We knew that down here it would have lodges with shower,  so we continued and continued and continued. The sun went down,  it started to get dark and we still hadn’t got a lodge, but there is only one way to go and we knew it as we went it the other way around 2 days ago. We hadn’t imagined to cone down that far today, as it is halfway from Nayapur,  where we left the bus and started hiking some days ago, to ABC (39 km). 

Finally we arrived at a good lodge with hot shower😀 We entered and as the man saw us,  he grabbed directly a room key and showed us our room without us even saying anything. After a game of SchnikSchnackSchnuk,  Tomaz was the first one to take a shower.

After a hot shower and dinner we saw that they had pudding on the menu, which we had to order,  as on the way I sometimes said to people who went up: “There will be pudding at the end”. When Tomaz was around, he then added “But there is no spoon” 😂

So we arrived after a long walk in Chhomrong  at an altitude of 2160m which means we descended 1970 meters over 20 km. We went even more down to cross a bridge before the village and climbed again to get to the lodge.

As we passed the trekkers checkpoint when it was closed, we need to go back tomorrow for 50 to 100 meters, to check out of that area we were in, to keep everything correct.

Now that I am lying in bed my knee stars to hurt… I hope it will be good again tomorrow.

My quote of today, beneath “there will be pudding at the end”:” I chose to can do it” (to can continue walking when it was dark and late).

As wifi costs here and I don’t have mobile internet in the lodge, this post will be posted at a later time.

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