Day 18: Saying the alphabet is easier

no cycling

I couldn’t sleep at night I don’t know why perhaps of the altitude or the noise of the river in front of the lodge. Or simply sleepless which I have sometime. I felt fine in the morning😀

We were the first one to have breakfast but we were not the first one on the trek. The indian people left before us. I didn’t think that they would  arrive there but they did one or two hours after the sunset yesterday evening. At 7:30 Tomaz and I were on the trek. Soon we overtook the indians again. It was really cold in the beginning,  as there was no sun in the valley. After 2 hours we mad a break to drink a milk-tea, when the sun came out😀 At that moment the german woman and the french couple  from yesterday evening, arrived and joined us. From that restaurant out,  one could  see a buddha figure in the rocks. Picture will follow.

After the break Tomaz and I split up a little bit on the way to Machhapuchhare Base Camp. We met there again. Arrived there we were having 3 plats of dalbat,  really good rice with vegetables and dal, some kind of soup which you mix all together and it is kind of all you can eat. It is the only dish they serve like that. The last days, we always ate 2 plates,  this time we wanted a small third one and he gave us a full one😂 We were really full of rice.

As we were climbing, we went over 3000 meters so I could get altitude sick. I always tried to not move to fast and breath deeply. I just got small headaches☺️ so not very much altitude sick.

Our big destination of today was the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC). From there comes the title of todays post, think about it, eventually you will get it😂 So we went there, another 400 meters of altitude and 3 km of distance only, but it took us like 2 hours, because we are approaching the 4000 meter mark of altitude and the air got sticker and sticker.

When we arrived Tomaz and I took a lot of pictures in front of the sign of the base camp  and up on the hill with the praying flags (I think they are called like that in english). We met the french couple again and decided to share a room together.

Our lodge is very crowded,perhaps because everybody wants to stay the night here.

Tomorrow will be better again.

So ABC is at 4130m altitude and we needed 8 hour (lunch included) to do 11 km.

Hopefully I can sleep well tonight,  not as last night.

Even today the wifi doesn’t even work up here, so this post will be uploaded to a later date.

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