Day 17: Slippers, flipflops and highheels

no cycling

After getting up late at 7:30 and waited very long on our breakfast, we were perhaps the last one to leave the lodge😂 But we are fast,  as at 12 o’clock we passed some people who started at 6:30 at tha same lodge and they haven’t even arrived here where we are now. Everybody should take their time. I would stop too,  in case I would get any symptom of altitude sickness like headache. But I feel fine.

To explain the title of todays post. Next to normal shoes I saw some carriers (the local people carrying stuff up and down as there are no roads for cars and trucks) and locals wearing these types of shoes and I was amazed about that.

One of the carriers even fell over with a gas can on his back,  he was still laughing but I think it was empty😂

Today we trekked 11 km in 6 hours and we got up to 2500 meters into the little village called Dovan. Amazingly they have warm showers here and it is great😀

Tomorrow we will try to get up earlier and reach one of the two base camps. Machhapuchhare or Annapurna Base Camp. Machhapuchhare would be the first one and on the way to Annapurna, so if we feel good enough, we can continue up to Annapurna Base Camp, otherwise we will stay there and go up the next day without our luggage.

Sadly as I don’t have mobile internet here and only expensive wifi,  I will not be able to publish this post today… 

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