Day 16: Entering Annapurna Area

No cycling

Instead we had a really bumpy bus ride. At 7:30 in the morning Tomaz and ai were ready to start. Some friends from my hotel got a jeep to drive them up to a trek. As they still had 2 places free,  to give us a lift to the local bus station. From there we got a bus to get us up to Ghandruk. First time in a bus during my journey. We were sitting in the back. Sometimes we needed to grab the seat infront of us to not fall off our seat,  it was a little bit funny. Arriving at Nayapur we decided to get out of the bus as the road had no asphalt anymore and it would be getting even more horrible. So we started walking at half past 10.Beautiful valley. I took some pictures, but I left my cable (on purpose) down in the hotel, so I will upload them in some days. 

We did 17 km today and arrived  at Jhinu Danda ▲1720m 😀

Now we eat here and will probably go to sleep. If everything goes good we will be up in 2 days. 

I don’t know if this post will be uploaded today or some other day. I will try it now. 

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