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Day 61: Củ Chi Tunnels

Distance: 78,58 km Time: 3:48 Total distance: 2788 km

So yesterday evening having dinner with my friends from the border. They are all from Mozambique and one from Belgium😀 Eventually I packed out my juggling balls and made a little show☺️ To finish the evening with guessing who was the artist of songs of the 80s. Yes I was a little bit lost, but it was fun😀

In the morning we cleaned everything up,  or more the other were cleaning up and I was packing up my stuff. After that we had breakfast and there were cereals 😍

I wanted to start at 9, postponed it to 10 to finally leave at 11 to get back on the road again. A big thanks to Ines an Stuward for hosting me. And Candy, Fraser, Alexa, Lea, Jhonas and Teo (hopefully I got the names correctly) for having that great evening 😀 And not to forget the dog called Cookie😀

On today’s plan wer the tunnels which were used in the Vietnam war to fight the americans. There is a special place,  where they show such tunnels and explain it a little bit (if you have a guide).

I had to cycle 50 km till there. Arrived there i parked my bike and wanted to store my luggage at the ticket office but they were like: “here no storage”. And the answer to my question: “why?”  was: “we don’t know”. So I had to place them with my bike as the bikes are guarded by security persons and these looked like they would move away that quickly,  so they won’t leave my luggage alone.

After carrying my luggage a little bit around and leaving it with my bike, I went back to the ticket office and asked whether there are guided tours,  they told me: “Inside,  just go inside”. I got  inside,  there was no guide… There were just some guided groups,  so I just joined a big one😂 Because I was all sweaty from cycling the guide always asked me if I was alright, I didn’t want to tell him that I was on a bicycle as the group was a bus group😂 The guide showed us around and gave lots of explanations. They were really inventive in building traps and hiding everything,  so that the americans couldn’t find the tunnels and when they would find it,  they would die or get hurt in a trap.

Yes I went into one, for tourists made bigger,  tunnel of 100 meters with exits every 20 meters. I took the first exit as walking in these tunnels weren’t really good for my knees and legs,  they are really tiny.

When we got to a show case with weapons, I was a little bit shocked that I could recognise some of them of the game called “Battlefield Vietnam”, which I used to play when I was a kid😂

As  there was no place to sleep around there, I decided to continue into the direction of the Ho Chi Minh Highway,  which one I want to take to get up in the north of Vietnam.

To get over the river I took a ferry which was only for motorbikes,  bicycles and pedestrians. Arrived there,  people were constantly laughing at and with me. I shared some cookies with the kids,  we did a photo shoot on the ferry and they took me over for free😀

Arrived on the other side I still had 20 km to go to the place with hotels. And the sun was going down.

I don’t know how I always end up cycling in the night…

Arrived in the town called Bến Cát I found a nice hotel. It’s owned by a Malaysian guy with its vietnamese wife and I was talking to them for quite a while after dinner.

Tomorrow I will probably just cycle as far as I can.

Day 54: Coconutbeach

no cycling

First the rest what happened yesterday. At the ferry I met some more people from the hostel in Phnom Penh but they went to a different beach than I. It was nice to met them again.

The speed boat ferry took one hour but it brought me directly to the beach where Soraya and Andreas were staying. I saw the sunset on the water: AMAZING

At the beach, Soraya welcomed me at the pier and we went to the tens where we got invited in for christmas dinner by the owner.

After the dinner the owner came by our table and told us to change to our swimsuits to see glowing plankton. As I had never planed to swim on my trip I didn’t pack a swimsuit,  so I just went into the ocean with my underwear. What I saw then was amazing. The owner turned of the lights of the beach,  he went with us into the water and told us to shake our hands inside the water. The plankton, which one can’t see because it’s too small begins to glow as soon as it thinks,  it’s being attack (That’s what the owner told us). So now imagine how swimming in the night must feel like,  when the water starts to glow green as soon as you start to move. Amazing (again).

After the swimming in the night, we spend some more time in the restaurant playing a game and went to sleep.

Until now it was all what happened yesterday.

I decided to stay a whole day at the beach with Soraya and Andreas,  before going back to mainland with the last ferry. Sadly that one left already at 14:30. So I kind of only had half a day at the island,  but it was still amazing. We went swimming and walking around the island before I had to leave.

We took one last selfi when I had to leave

Arrived at mainland I collected my bicycle from the ticket office of the ferry,  as I was not allowed to take it with me and I didn’t see why I should have taken it with me. I found a hostel and skyped with my family at home as they were all together at one place for christmas😀

Now I am planning my day tomorrow to get to Kampot (100 km).

Merry Christmas 🎄

Day 53: Down to the beach

no cycling,  just 4 km together to get to the bus in Phnom Penh and from the bus to the ferry in Sihanoukville.

I tought it would be a wonderful morning. Getting up,  have some breakfast, the van would pick up my luggage, I would follow him to the bus station with my bicycle (it didn’t fit into the van,  which picks you up to get to the bus station) , get into the bus and get down to the beach of Cambodia.

It didn’t all went as planed. Till the pickup everything was all right. Then I was told to wait at the hostel,  as the van would go to another hostel to pick up more people and they would come back for me so that I could follow them. I waited and waited. Suddenly they passed by without breaking,  they just honked and waved to me. The chase through the city began. Arrived at the bus station I got my luggage back and searched for the bus. My luggage got stored in the bus and then my bicycle…​ no. I forgot to buy the ticket. Okay I will buy the ticket for the bicycle,  5$. They didn’t want to sell me a ticket for my bicycle,  they told me “no space”,  I had to take another bus one hour later. Luckily I saw the space in the luggage compartment of the bus and I knew that it would fit as it was the same type of bus I took some days ago. They kept telling me the same lie over and over, till I got really angry and shouted at them, that I know that there is space and I know what to do to get it in. Then suddenly they said okay and even let me jump over the queue at the ticket office,  as it was already 9:15 (the bus should have left at 9:00), but heyyy its cambodian time😂 My bicycle got a ticket too, took my front wheel off placed my bicycle in the bus,  my luggage (which they already took out again)  back in and went into the bus. I had to do everything by myself,  they didn’t even help me😂 I wasn’t the reason for the delay,  there were more people coming later than me! 

In the bus I realised what they tried to do to me. they tried to scam me. Because the bus at 10 o’clock is another bus,  which costs the double😯 f**** a****** (to keep it child save here😂) 

The rest of the ride was normal,  they stopped at 12 o’clock at a restaurant with reasonable food and arrived with 2 hours of delay at Sihanoukville. From there I had to take the ferry to get to the island where Soraya and Andreas are staying. I had to wait for one hour on the ferry (departure time at 17:00). So I am chilling at a bar next to the beach.

Tomorrow I will probably try to get back to mainland and start cycling again towards Vietnam 😀 Alternatively I would stay another day on the island,  I don’t know yet. I have to see when I am at the beach ⛱