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Day 53: Down to the beach

no cycling,  just 4 km together to get to the bus in Phnom Penh and from the bus to the ferry in Sihanoukville.

I tought it would be a wonderful morning. Getting up,  have some breakfast, the van would pick up my luggage, I would follow him to the bus station with my bicycle (it didn’t fit into the van,  which picks you up to get to the bus station) , get into the bus and get down to the beach of Cambodia.

It didn’t all went as planed. Till the pickup everything was all right. Then I was told to wait at the hostel,  as the van would go to another hostel to pick up more people and they would come back for me so that I could follow them. I waited and waited. Suddenly they passed by without breaking,  they just honked and waved to me. The chase through the city began. Arrived at the bus station I got my luggage back and searched for the bus. My luggage got stored in the bus and then my bicycle…​ no. I forgot to buy the ticket. Okay I will buy the ticket for the bicycle,  5$. They didn’t want to sell me a ticket for my bicycle,  they told me “no space”,  I had to take another bus one hour later. Luckily I saw the space in the luggage compartment of the bus and I knew that it would fit as it was the same type of bus I took some days ago. They kept telling me the same lie over and over, till I got really angry and shouted at them, that I know that there is space and I know what to do to get it in. Then suddenly they said okay and even let me jump over the queue at the ticket office,  as it was already 9:15 (the bus should have left at 9:00), but heyyy its cambodian time😂 My bicycle got a ticket too, took my front wheel off placed my bicycle in the bus,  my luggage (which they already took out again)  back in and went into the bus. I had to do everything by myself,  they didn’t even help me😂 I wasn’t the reason for the delay,  there were more people coming later than me! 

In the bus I realised what they tried to do to me. they tried to scam me. Because the bus at 10 o’clock is another bus,  which costs the double😯 f**** a****** (to keep it child save here😂) 

The rest of the ride was normal,  they stopped at 12 o’clock at a restaurant with reasonable food and arrived with 2 hours of delay at Sihanoukville. From there I had to take the ferry to get to the island where Soraya and Andreas are staying. I had to wait for one hour on the ferry (departure time at 17:00). So I am chilling at a bar next to the beach.

Tomorrow I will probably try to get back to mainland and start cycling again towards Vietnam 😀 Alternatively I would stay another day on the island,  I don’t know yet. I have to see when I am at the beach ⛱

Day 49: Phnom Penh

Distance: 40,37 km Time: 2:13 Total distance: 2167 km

I woke up really early as the first motorbike started at 6 o’clock in front of my door and my earplugs went out during the night. Around 7 I got up myself,  took a quick breakfast and went on my way to Kampong Cham, the next city, which was just 30 km away.

As it was only 30 km and I started early,  I arrived early there around 9:30. So I chilled a little bit on the nice walk they have in the cities and villages along the Mekong

After some cycling through the city to see something (nothing special). I went to a place where they actually had a coffee machine and I took a real coffee for the first time since I arrived in Cambodia. As I already saw the city,  I decided to move on to Phnom Penh. I also wasn’t in the mood to cycle anymore,  so I decided to take the boat to get there. By asking in the cafe I was in,  they laughed at me and told me that there were no boats for years I had to take the bus. So I went to the bus station. Arrived there I was lucky, the last bus today left 10 minutes after I came, it was 12 o’clock. Quickly got a ticket for me and my bicycle for 10$. And waited…​ I was told it was Cambodian time,  so no one knows when it is coming😂 With a delay of just 30 minutes the bus came. After 3 attempts of getting my bicycle in, we finally got it in. I just had to take off the front wheel. My luggage was thrown on top of some bananas in the luggage room😂

After 1,5 hours of driving,  there was a break for lunch. There were two pots of spiders☺️ (yep alive). No I ate fried rice,  these weren’t served for eating,  I don’t know why they were there.

After another 1,5 hours of riding,  we arrived in Phnom Penh. The driver helped me putting my bike back together and I looked for the hostel Justin was in. I am really tired now and just grabbed some food will take a little walk to the Mekong river and probably go back to the hostel.

Tomorrow I will visit Phnom Penh,  I have to check what there is to see here. Also I want to get my visa for Vietnam and check out the possibilities on how to get down to the beach by train😀

And I added the video to yesterday’s post.