Day 12: Empty roads

Distance: 61,29 km Time: 3:49 Total distance:

In the morning Tomaz left even early then usual,  but this time for his hiking. So I slept again. Start as usual around 8 after I did my stretching,  which ai try to do now every morning.

I didn’t want to take the main road to get out of Tansen as I then would have to climb again a part I did already yesterday, so I choose to take another way. As it turned out,  that way turned around and ended up at the same junction as the main road. But it was a lovely road through the village. So be it,  I climbed again. After little less than an hour, I reached the restaurant, I ate yesterday. From that moment on,  it went down for 14 km. I put some cloth on with long arms,  as it got really cold.

While descending, I realised that there were no vehicles on the road. The only vehicles I saw were from the army. I also passed some solders in the villages,  I thought,  that it would be the normal presence.

After a while I met a german cyclist going in the opposite direction as me.  He immediately saw that I have a german bike,  so he asked to talk in german. He then told me,  that today there would be something of general strike,  that why most shops would be closed,  no vehicles on the road and military presence to ensure that no roads would be blocked. This is as far as he was informed. I asked the people in the hotel, but they couldn’t really tell me why. I don’t know and I don’t care,  because I don’t think that anything further more will happen here. After a longer talk and a nepaleas joining us, even though we were talking in german, we separated again. He went to Tensen and I to Waling.

It was really nice to enjoy everything on the road without any engine noise or honking in the background.

When I entered Waling,  a man stopped me to talk to me. He invited me in for a tea,  so I accepted. Again an english teacher,  so he told me, but again, his english was so bad,  that I was unable to understand him all the time. After some really strange questions from him, I decided to leave again.

In the middle of the town I found a hotel where I will stay for tonight,  and collect my last energy to finish the last part to Pokhara, where I will be staying for some days.

After eating lunch in the afternoon,  I went for a walk up the hill and toke some pictures. Upload when wifi is good,  here it is really bad…

Did I’ve already mentioned that I passed 1000 km on the road? 😀 I did

Oh and when you are passing nepalese kids,  they don’t say “hi”, ” hello” or “namaste”, no,  they just say “bye” 😂 There exceptions,  but often it’s like that.

@Steffi: Hügel + leere Straßen

3 thoughts on “Day 12: Empty roads”

  1. Hey! Dein Blog ass cool an interessant emmer rem ze liesen! Hues e coolen Trip schon hannert da an sin gespannt wat nach alles kennt! 😉


  2. Ben, Dein Blog ist mein Feierabend-Martini! – Jeden Tag wenn ich von der Arbeit heimfahre bin ich garnicht in der S31 nach Karlsruhe Hbf sondern kann Nepal durch Deine Augen und von Deinem Sattel aus sehen – Danke!
    PS: falls möglich, Kannst du mir das Rezept für Die Mo-Mo’s mitbringen? Und ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn du noch mehr über das Essen dort berichten kannst 🙂

    1. Wow schön gesagt, danke☺️ heute leider etwad später, da ich noch mit Freunden unterwegs war.
      Ehm mal gucken ob ich das Rezept von wo herbekomme☺️ Okay gib mir mühe mehr übers Essen zu schreiben☺️

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