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Day 56: Gooood morning Vietnam 🇻🇳 

Distance: 129,21 km Time: 6:32 Total distance: 2409 km

Today I was able to start really early. The way to the border was easy and flat.

Arrived at the border,  I directly started the process to get through. At the Cambodian side I had to wait because there were many people in front of me. At the Vietnamese side, it went a little bit slower to check in, I got asked if I had any illness or feeling of sick. Then they were not sure if my bicycle should also pass the security scan or just my luggage. At the end they just wanted my luggage😂 Then they checked my passport again. Out on the street there was again a checkpoint to do a final check of my visa. And then I was on the road in Vietnam 😀 Between the two offices of the two countries,  I took some pictures.

The first city wasn’t far away. In there I had 3 tasks:

  1. get Vietnamese money at an ATM
  2. get some food
  3. get a SIM card for my phone.

ATM was found quickly found. Food also. A mobile shop too, but not an official one,  so now I have a SIM card which one isn’t registered to me😂 Do I care? no😂

I continued for another 80 km.

Arrived in Phú Hòa in the dark I started to ask around for a guest house. The first one I asked, told me that a little bit down the road would be one,  but that one was full,  there would be another one more down the road. Eventually the people from the first place were behind me on a motorbike and offered me to stay at their home😀 Awesome,  I got a place to sleep,  I ate with them. They are so kind☺️ really happy☺️

Tomorrow I will continue to a friend who helped me a lot here in Vietnam already,  for example I called here when I had communication problems with my hosts of tonight. Now everything is all right☺️

Day 52: Tuol Sleng

no cycling,  at least it is not worth to mention as it was.

As I already cycled over 2000 km and I don’t have a chain tool on me, I decided to change my chain as it’s sometimes recommended after that many kilometers on not the nicest roads. Therefore I went to the bicycle shop of the brand Specialize. I already had a new chain on me,  I bought it in Kathmandu. They replaced it for free😀 It was 2 km away.

Next task on the list was organizing a ticket to get down to the beach. My idea was to get the train. The alternative was the bus,  but I wanted to take the train. Sadly I forgot one problem. No it was not the bicycle,  the train was already full for tomorrow…​ So I had to get a bus ticket…​

After all the non touristic tasks I got to my touristic part of today: visiting Tuol Sleng Museum. It was the prison where people were  tortured during the time of the Khmer Rouge, before they were send to the killing fields (which I visited yesterday)  to be executed. Again really great to visit this sad place. I got an audio guide and listened to everything there was to learn everything about the time of the Khmer Rouge. 

For lunch I went to the russian marked again to get noodles as it was close by the museum. 

After the museum it was 15 o’clock. I was told that my passport with the Vietnamese visa would be ready at 16 o’clock, but I went there anyway,  as I had nothing to do anymore. My passport was ready with the approved visa😀

On the way to the Vietnamese embassy I saw this kids paradise 😍 I checked it out,  the whole tower was full of activities for kids like climbing,  laser tag,  bumper cars,… Sadly the maximum age was 12 years…​ (Yeah that is my finder in the lens…)

I was lazy and took a tuk tuk back to the hostel

As I was so interested in the story of the Khmer Rouge, I watched a documentary over this topic as the audio guides only explained what happened at the places I was at but not how it really started and ended.

For the rest of the evening i was just chilling in the roof top bar and packing/preparing my stuff for tomorrow as I leave in the morning at 8:30 for the bus.

So that’s also what I will be doing tomorrow,  taking the bus to get down to the beach,  where I will get a ferry to get to an island where I met up again with Soraya and Andreas😀

Somewhere in the city I saw this commercial,  where I thought: “Photoshop makes every commercial better”

Day 51: Killing Fields

no cycling

Today I met up with Mila from Germany and we took  a tuk tuk together to get to Choeung Ek Memorial also know as the killing fields. It’s one of the many killing fields of the Khmer Rouge, where they executed people who didn’t follow or didn’t seem to follow the regime of Pol Pot,  the leader of the Khmer Rouge. We got an audio guide and listened to all the stories they provided. It took us like 2 hours. They build a memorial stupa where they placed skulls there. It’s an interesting and sad story. I can only recommend it.

After the tour we went to the Russian market to grab some noodles. Then we separated. I went to the Vietnamese embassy to get my visa. As always I was coming unprepared and forgot to take my passport pictures with me…​ So back to the hostel and try again to get a visa. Just filled out the form, added the photo, went to the counter,  handed in the form, the picture, my passport and the money. As I am not in a hurry I didn’t took the 1 hour express service (10$) but the 24 hours standard service. So currently they have my passport.

After that I went to the train station to get information about how to get down to the beach by train. Sadly the station was already closed but I got a sheet of paper with the information. I went to the central marked.

From there I went chilling on a bank next to the river.

Now Joshua and I will go to the cinema watching “Passengers”.

Tomorrow I will try to find a shop to replace my chain,  get a train ticket,  go to S-21 (the prison, where people were kept and tortured during the time of Khmer Rouge) and get my passport back with the visa inside hopefully😊