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Day 38: departure day

no cycling

Todays goal: get everything to the airport by time.

But first I had to kill some time until my master plan began. I packed all my stuff so that I would have stuff to do in the 10 hours transit time in Singapore and all the restricted stuff in my luggage. I checked out of the hotel and got a free transit from the hostel to the airport offered. After some negotiation they even agreed to pass by Anil’s home first to get my packed bike which was sill stored there. The rest of the morning I spend again on the roof top of the hostel,  reading and doing stuff in the internet. I have never showed the roof top:

After lunch Tomaz came back to Kathmandu and we meet up. 😀

Finally at 16:30 my master plan began: Plain leaves at 9 o’clock. I calculated 2 hours earlier + 1 hour buffer + 1 hour going there + half an hour getting my packed bike,  so in total 4,5 hours from the hostel to the plain. so getting to the airport (5 km away) really took me like 1,5 h with passing by Anil’s home and all the traffic jams😂

Arrived at the airport the entrance was guarded,  so that only people with a ticket could enter it,  so no annoying people anymore who want money from you😀 After a first security check for all luggage everything was normal procedure:

  1. check-in: no extra charge for my bike😀
  2. immigration office: A sign told me to fill out a form,  which was then thrown away by immigration officer😂
  3. security check: quick one
  4. waiting in the departure hall
  5. boarding (as soon as it is open)

The international airport of Kathmandu is an old one. The departure hall has no restaurants or shops expect one. There I got some food. Fried rice heated up in a microwave oven,  plastic fork and no table:

So now my flight goes to Singapore (not Kuala Lumpur as mentioned in yesterday’s post). There I will have at least 10 hours (I am a little confused with time zones) at the airport before my flight goes to Siem Reap in Cambodia😀 Therefore I have my book and juggling balls on me😀

For security reasons I have my bicycle helmet in my hand luggage,  in case it will be a bumpy flight. Actually there was no more space with my luggage or in the bicycle box😂

Day 37: visiting the last place

no cycling

Today I just wanted to visit the last place marked on my map: Boudha Stupa.  I was told it was one of the biggest there is. In the afternoon I was back at the hotel. I had a little headache,  but I don’t know from what. In the evening I met Anil and a friend of him. We went to a china restaurant. My headache got worse,  that’s why I took a taxi back to the hotel and I will try to sleep now.

Due to the headache, I will not upload pictures today. Sorry. There are not that many pictures of today.

Tomorrow I will just get to the airport. My flight to Kuala Lumpur leaves at 9 o’clock in the evening. From where I will get a flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia 😀

Day 36: packing my bike

no cycling

So finally I packed my bike today, with a lot of help from Anil,  without him it wouldn’t have been possible or I had to do it in the bicycle shop.

But first we needed to get a carton box for it. Around Anil’s home there is a halfway decent bicycle shop, but we arrived too early and the shop was closed,  so we walked around grabbed a tea,  we went to Anil’s shoe store and met some of his friends around. After some time we went to get a carton box for 300 NRP (2,57€) and brought it back to Anil’s place. Back there we disassembled my bike (I came with it this morning from the hotel). I had to take of the handle bar,  so that was the first thing to come off. Then we took of everything until it fitted in the box. We started with the front wheel and the corresponding mudguard and checked if it would fit inside the box –> NO

Then we took of the rear wheel with mudguard and rack (the construction where I hang my panniers on.Checked if it fitted –> NO

My saddle was still looking out the box. That was easy,  just simply remove the saddle with the pole. Did it fit? –> the frame yeah,  the rest not everything.

The part still in the way was my front light,  as it made it impossible to place the wheels next to the frame. Did it now fit? –> kind of,  see for yourself:

After we got everything inside,  the taping began. All around the box. I had already bought a roll some days ago. It wasn’t good tape and it was inly a small one. We went out to get a new better role. A transparent tape which is not good visible on the picture,  but belive me,  it’s all around the box. It will be fun to pack everything out again without a knife, as knifes are kind of not allowed inside an airport.

After 4 hours of searching a box,  disassembling and taping we were finally finished. A big thanks to Anil,  without his help and patience I wouldn’t have been able to pack it😂

The rest of the afternoon I tried to print out my flight ticket and spend some time on the roof top of my hostel again.

I don’t know what I will do tomorrow, probably some walking around,  there is still one place on my map, which is marked and I haven’t visited yet.

Day 35: doing nothing

no cycling,  no motorbiking

So today I originally wanted to pack my bike in a carton box as my leg, arm and neck hurt too much to motorbike and I think there is no beautiful day route left here. So I went out for breakfast as every morning and realised how dirty my cloth were from the crash. During the breakfast a cat was constantly walking around my table jumping up and down chairs to get some food from me,  eventually she started sunbathing😂

As my cloth were dirty, I washed them and hung them up for drying at the roof top. I hadn’t explored it yet,  it is a very beautiful place with some flowers and chairs and less noise than down on the street☺️ I spend the rest of the morning and the afternoon there,  waiting for my long cloth to dry, while reading my book and talking to people.

Then finally Anil’s phone (nepalease friend from the Annapurna Trek) was switched on and we arranged a meet up in Kathmandu. I had to take a taxi to get there. Because if the traffic it took me like half an hour longer than the calculated time by maps.me (the offline navigation app I have).

Arrived there I found Anil quickly, we had some tea and moved to another place to have dinner at a nice quite restaurant with music I know from back home. The nepaleas cook worked in Australia but came back to open a restaurant here. Together with a group of artists, he painted the walls,  really beautiful. The wood was no normal nepaleas food,  I had a really good piece of steak with spaghetti and a brilliant sauce,  for normal price☺️

Anil has a car so for the way back I didn’t need a taxi😀 And we figured something out on how to pack the bike in a carton box tomorrow😀