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Day 35: doing nothing

no cycling,  no motorbiking

So today I originally wanted to pack my bike in a carton box as my leg, arm and neck hurt too much to motorbike and I think there is no beautiful day route left here. So I went out for breakfast as every morning and realised how dirty my cloth were from the crash. During the breakfast a cat was constantly walking around my table jumping up and down chairs to get some food from me,  eventually she started sunbathing😂

As my cloth were dirty, I washed them and hung them up for drying at the roof top. I hadn’t explored it yet,  it is a very beautiful place with some flowers and chairs and less noise than down on the street☺️ I spend the rest of the morning and the afternoon there,  waiting for my long cloth to dry, while reading my book and talking to people.

Then finally Anil’s phone (nepalease friend from the Annapurna Trek) was switched on and we arranged a meet up in Kathmandu. I had to take a taxi to get there. Because if the traffic it took me like half an hour longer than the calculated time by maps.me (the offline navigation app I have).

Arrived there I found Anil quickly, we had some tea and moved to another place to have dinner at a nice quite restaurant with music I know from back home. The nepaleas cook worked in Australia but came back to open a restaurant here. Together with a group of artists, he painted the walls,  really beautiful. The wood was no normal nepaleas food,  I had a really good piece of steak with spaghetti and a brilliant sauce,  for normal price☺️

Anil has a car so for the way back I didn’t need a taxi😀 And we figured something out on how to pack the bike in a carton box tomorrow😀