Day 30: Even more beautiful

Distance: 52,59 km Time: 4:48 Total distance: 1432 km

WUHUUU one month on the road. I will probably write something,  a little review of the first month,  when I find the time. For now just my day:

I expected the sunrise to be more beautiful,  but the view was a little bit in the wrong direction,  so only a few mountains had this red color,  but still beautiful.

For breakfast I had spicy curry potatoes,  with omelet and homemade bred😀 The production of the bread:

After 5 km of going down, I got to a junction,  where I had to decide: good road with asphalt,  which all the jeeps were taking and was 80km or the road without asphalt,  40km and no jeeps (remember trucks and busses weren’t on that road). I choose the more silence shorter one. Right decision. The climbing started again (on the other road I would have had to climb too). But it wasn’t as steep as yesterday and there were all the time more flat parts in between. Also the landscape… amazing. I don’t know if it was because of the less traffic (still some motorcycles and few jeeps) or if it really was even more beautiful than yesterday.

Around 12 o’clock I got over the last hill,  to finally see: KATHMANDU

while I was enjoying the view,  taking this picture,  some dogs decided to guard my bike (okay the one on the left looks like he is sleeping)

From now on the road has asphalt again. Really it started on the top of the hill. Going down I finally saw a temple with some monks in it

To arrive closer and closer to Kathmandu

As in Pokhara I had to have lunch with my 2 belgium friends Kim and Natalie,  as they happen to still be in Kathmandu😀

I am not decided yet what to do tomorrow, because I have still some stuff to do before fighting out on 9th December. For example find a box for my bike.

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