Day 4: New country

Distance:102, 4 Time: 5:53 Total distance: 374 sadly my roadcomputer resettet itself in my pocket,  so these data are put together by my GPS,  I will be taking more care next time.


So the road to get there was a mixture of the best you can find an the worst you can find. Inside the cities and villages there were mostly bad roads,  outside there was often this newly made road which was really beautiful to ride. I reached 32 km/h and was abke to keep it at 30 for some time. Outside the city the honking got less,  so it is less anoying.

As the only destination of today was the border,  I was really running to get there. Luckily I got my GPS on my,  which showed me where i need to take a turn in the last city,  as there is no real sign to Nepal… So I took my turn as my GPS told me. The road got really bad and I thought it was a little road and not the main road, but it was the main road😂 In Nepal I’ve got told that that is normal for borders. So arriving at the border,  I was a little bit confused what to do as it was the first border I crossed by land outside the EU. Steps to do: Exit India at indian immigration office, (as I found out later) passing customs,  enter Nepal and get a Visa at nepalese immigration office. There is no place where everybody is running to,  because there are always people running around freely, so I found it really hard to find the right spots. So luckily I saw met some british bikers also entering  Nepal,  so I tried to keep up with them,  as they seemd to know how everything works. With success😀

As I knew where the british folks where staying,  I checked out other places to stay to finally end up in the same place. As another advantage to me,  as I spend a great evening with them☺️

Tomorrow I will get mobil internet for Nepal and be more connected to the world😀

ohh yeah and I changed the timezone.  In india I was +4:30 compared to Berlin-Time,  now it is +4:45😂

As I don’t have good Wifi in my room as promissed,  I am again unable to upload any pictures,  so they will follow. I even saw monkeys and photographed them so stay tuned☺️

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