Day 3: The road got bumpy

Distance: 49.85 Time: 2:43 Total Distance: 272

So I am trying to write my blog now in English,  so that when I meet people on the road,  I can share my blog with them and they are able to read it😀 For example the indian guy who invited me in for a tea or my sick companion who is lying in bed.

So starttime was set to 8 o’clock this morning,  but as Tomaz was not feeling that well,  we decided not to start. I went out to get some water and food for him. But as he feels really bad and thinks he will be staying there for some days,  I decided to continue without him 🙁 As it was already 12 o’clock when I started,  I only took some 50 km on me,  so that there are only aroud 90-95km left to the border,  hopfully I manage to get there.

There road got really bumpy and there were many holes, so I had to slow down. Also my wrist is hurting.

In Radarapur I searched for an hotel. One did only exist on my gps,  one was already booked out (so they told me) and one was in a back street,  which I did not like that much,  so I found the one I am currently in. Really big plus: they have wifi😍 After some some discussion about me placing the bike inside and finally me leaving the hotel,  they came after me and allowed it in the end☺️
Pictures will come soon… Internet is to slow here

7 thoughts on “Day 3: The road got bumpy”

  1. Also du brauchs onbedengr anstännegen Internet, dass ech mol all di komesch Hoteler do gesin 😉

    1. haha hun net emmer fotoen dovunner gemet. Me du gesais do net dass et keen warm waaser get, dass wann dusch un ass se voll an d’Toilet geht an d Matratz an enger Plastiks tut agepackt ass, sudass all bewegung mega kameidi mescht, wad blöd wor well den Tomaz mat am Zemmer luch

      1. Fier speider engkeier :p dann kanns de een coolen video zesummenschneiden;) an och während dem fueren filmen:p sou vun erzielungen kann een sech alles net sou einfach fierstellen;)

  2. Hey Bentony! Ass deck cool dain blog 😀 #patpingbenpong
    Hey Bentony! Wéini huesdu dann eenTurban um Kapp :D? #audreyfragt

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