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Day 45: First flat tire

Distance:89,03 km Time: 3:55 Total distance: 1752 km

Today I felt really good. After breakfast I chatted a little bit with Phillip, then we separated, as he needs to rest his leg as it’s hurting. Me I got on my way and was surprised how quick I could go😀 I think it was going down a little bit. But even when it went up,  I was still quick.

And then it happened after 20 km: I realised that my front tire was more wide at the bottom when cycling. I stopped immediately to check and yeah,  there was air missing…​ Took the wheel of, got the tire out and checked: I couldn’t find anything after 5 minutes of looking (I didn’t want to use up my water as I didn’t knew when I would get new water),  so I placed it back and pumped it up again. I thought that the air just went out. After pumping I checked,  the air seemed to stay inside,  so I placed it back,  turned the bike around and…​ less air. Got the tire out again,  replaced it with a new one,  pumped it up and the air stayed😀 The first 10 km I stopped multiple times to check the air pressure: everything all right. Then I could enjoy my ride again. 😀

I arrived really early (15:30) at my destination Preah Vihear. So I decided to take a walk through the town.

My favourite picture of today:

I had to take a picture of this: they have bins for trash, but not any kind of bins, but bins to separate the trash😀 (But I think that was just made for when the UNESCO world heritage conference was here in 2013, at least I saw an old commercial of it)

I had a coconut again as I was told it has lots of good stuff in it for the electrolysis (I hope I wrote it correctly) inside my body.

Most Cambodians just say hi and wave while smiling. Today one asked also “what is your name” while passing by on a motorbike, so I couldn’t even answer??? But one stopped and spoke a little bit of english,  sadly he didn’t understand me that well and he just explained me to visit the temple I was at yesterday…​ But I took a picture of him☺️

I still don’t know why,  but they really have a lot of cheap wood here,  because every restaurant and hotel/guesthouse is equipped with nice wooded furniture.

Tomorrow I will probably have to cycle again over 100 km as I can’t find anything on the map,  but the maps aren’t always up to date as here in Cambodia lots has changed in the last 5 years.