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Day 42: More than expected

Distance: 141,59 km Time: 7:08 Total distance: 1582 km

So today cycling againūüėÄ I checked the road I wanted to do. First destination Anlong Veng. Started the route calculation: 128 km! hmm too much, ¬†I am feeling not that great because I have a little cold because of the air conditioning in the dorm I was in… So search for a town more close: Sare Nouy with a distance of 65 km. More reasonable, ¬†so I started into that direction. The roads were mainly straight in the beginning, ¬†so really boring.

The weather report said it would rain today, ¬†in the end it was just some light rain, which was actually nice, ¬†because it cooled of everything, ¬†so that it was a nice temperature to rideūüėÄ

Along tha way I always saw these stones to mark the end of the area of the national heritage Angkor.

Arrived at the destination , ¬†I had to realize that it was a little village with no guest house, ¬†so I had to continue. ¬†The next bigger village/town was¬†Anlong Veng… ¬†Okay, ¬†so back in the saddle and peddling again.

All the time I see these transport things around here. One passed me with 23 km/h,  so I tried to stay behind him to use his wind shadow

Because it got late, the sun, ¬†which I couldn’t see because of the clouds, went down and it got darker. So dark, ¬†that in the end I was happy that my lights on the bike were workingūüėÄ

Now I am in Anlong Veng. Tomorrow I will go east. I have to check how far.