Day 60: Saigon

Distance: 75,11 km Time: 3:37 Total distance: 2709 km

The roads to get to Saigon were really boring,  just straight,  lots of motorbikes, trucks and buses. And the bigger the vehicle, the louder the horn… This image shows a really really quite moment, there was probably a big wall of vehicles coming up to me at that moment. That happens because of some traffic lights on the road.

I got really angry at cars, busses and trucks,  which sometimes entered the traffic from the side of the road and then stopped in the middle of the side lane, where I was driving with lots of motorbikes,  to look for a whole to get into the traffic. When they found a big hole,  they start to move in slow motion speed so I had to break. Then I started to shout at them in all kinds of languages that I know (expect french) 😂

Arrived in Saigon it got really full of motorbikes.

I had to cross through Saigon to get to my friend’s home😀

Now I am relaxing with them and we will all have dinner tonight together for new years eve☺️

EDIT: HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody

4 thoughts on “Day 60: Saigon”

  1. Sin rem bessen an verspeidung mam liesen mee mierken dasste hei meng hellef brauchs, sou dasste nächst keier och ob franséisch fluchten kanns. 😀 En einfachen klengen saaz ze verhaalen: “Ton permis tu l’as eu dans un Kinder Surprise connard?” gärgeschitt 😂

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