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Day 68: not having a plan

no cycling

Since I left the beach in Cambodia I was cycling every day. Eventually I got a bad mood while cycling, as Kon Tum seems to be a nice town where I could visit some stuff,  I decided to stop here for a day of not cycling. I checked: there was a museum and a wooden church and probably some more stuff to see.

But first: sleep long.At least that was the plan,  I already woke up at 5, at 6, at 7,  at 8 to get up at 9… But okay more sleep.

I went out found some breakfast and went on the search for the museum. The first place kind of didn’t seems to be museum. The second place: no museum. I gave up,  I wasn’t even in the mood to go into a museum. I visited the wooden church and walked around a little bit.

I had lunch and meet up with a local girl. She then showed me where she lives. There we met a friend of her and went to a beautiful bridge. I got to drive the motorbike and they shared the other one😀

For the rest of the day we were sitting at a cafe drinking some juice and talking and  taking pictures with the baby. Even more people joined us😀

Tonight I will meet up again with them,  we will have dinner and relax more😀

Tomorrow I will continue cycling 🚲

Day 67: Kon Tum

Distance: 87,40 km Time: 4:59 Total distance: 3341 km

It was hard to find breakfast in the morning,  as I always try to get rice. Eventually I decided then to take some noodle soap. At 12 o’clock I was really hungry again… For the rest was it a normal day like the last once,  just that the clouds went away,  so most of the time it was blue sky😀

When I entered Kon Tum a woman on a motorbike started talking to me. I asked her for a good hotel and she then helped me to find one. She herself had to ask around. But now I am in a nice hotel😀

After a shower, I went outside to find some soap,  as I am running out of it. I needed to search a little bit for something like a store and found one with shampoo. When I asked for soap and showed them a picture,  they went to the back to get some,  it kind of seems that it is not a usual product here,  I don’t know,  I have soap again😀 I just walked a little bit around the market to find something to drink. As always people start saying hi to me. Dan and Dam (hopefully I wrote the names correctly), two sisters who asked me about where I come from,  then showed me a place to drink something. They joined me and we talked about what to visit here and they explained everything to me. We took their motorbikes to see the 2 wooden churches here but it was night. I will be going back there tomorrow. Then we went for dinner. and separated,  as I am really tired 😴.

Tomorrow will be no cycling day and I will relax and visit Kon Tum.