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Day 62: a little climb

Distance: 96,15 km Time: 5:04 Total distance: 2884 km

I got up later. For breakfast I got invited by the owners of the hotel. Really nice to talk to them☺️

On the road I just followed the Ho Chi Minh highway,  which I will follow the next few days,  probably. I don’t know if I will change my route. It started to climb a little bit,  so that I arrived at 270 meters of altitude in a town called Nghĩa Thành and I started at 11 meters☺️ But it was all the time up and down. I enjoyed cycling today,  landscape was beautiful,  it went up a little bit,  but I didn’t took a lot of pictures.

At the end it started  to rain a little bit. I just placed the rain cover over my handlebarbag and placed my Ipod in a plastic bag and continued cycling without raincoat,  as it is still warm and it just rained for one minute,  then stopped for 5 to 10 minutes and then it rained again shortly… But that was just the last 20 km.

I arrived in a village where I found a motel and a place to eat and nothing more😂

Today I had the same for breakfast, lunch and dinner… Plain rice with meat.

And tomorrow,  who would have expected it, I will continue on the highway☺️